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SeaPort-e Prime Contract #N00178-14-D-7331


Integrated Defense Applications dba IDA Technology is a certified 8(a) and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) which provides full spectrum Program Management, Test and Evaluation (T&E), Information Technology Product and Services and Integrated Logistical and clerical support across a broad range of applications and joint service areas. Our extensive T&E technical capabilities provide superior support in the areas of test planning and execution, modeling and simulation, data analysis and reporting, Live/Virtual/Constructive systems and related environments. IDA IT support incorporates strategic product sourcing with services augmentation. Our broad range of logistical support includes facilities and housing management, as well as aviation life safety systems maintenance and related clerical services.

As a proud SeaPort-e Prime contractor, IDA Technology is a contract holder in Zones 2, 4, 6 and 7.

IDA Technology SeaPort-e Services Include:

IDA Technology Team

Systems Applications and Technologies, Inc. (SA-TECH)

Systems Applications and Technologies, Inc. (SA-TECH) is a growing mid-tier with nearly 25 years of continuous technical support on prime contracts for the United States (U.S.) Navy and other DoD agencies. SA-TECH has devoted the last decade to serving the U.S. Navy as a Seaport-e Prime Contractor and top-tier Operations & Maintenance (O&M) service provider. During this period, SA-TECH has amassed extensive, in-depth experience and knowledge necessary to continue to successfully and efficiently execute the demanding and complex requirements across a broad spectrum of the Navy’s support requirements.

Quality Assurance Program

IDA is committed to total customer satisfaction, and services and products are essential to that commitment. In our Quality Management Systems (QMS), we have captured and documented with processes and procedures the methods we have found to be the best means of supporting our customers. As a professional services company, our employees are the primary mechanism by which we deliver products and services to our customers. It is this commitment that drives our continual quality improvement system. Our QMS contains five discrete elements separated by distinct phases of the project lifecycle as depicted in detail below.

QMS ElementProcess Description
Quality Management System (QMS) 1. IDA QMS is based on complete corporate commitment to customer satisfaction and continual process improvement. 2. With the QMS as the foundation, corporate quality control is documented in a series of policies and procedures available to all IDA project managers, WAO leads, employees, and subcontractors, including Corporate Quality Manual, System-Level Procedures, Forms and Records, and Work Instructions.
Quality and Test Engineering and Analysis Procedures 1. The QMS contains 15 distinct quality procedures, including Internal Audit; Management Review; Corrective and Preventive Action; Human Resource Development; Customer Requirements Review and Contracts Administration, etc.
Performance Standards Matrix 1. IDA’s quality and engineering procedures (QMS procedures and IEOMSM) allow us to perform work and address all contract and task order performance requirements. 2. All performance requirements are captured in the Performance Standards Matrix, including all technical and administrative deliverables.
Performance Improvement and Corrective Actions 1. IDA internal resources and government COR/GTLs monitor performance against all metrics throughout service delivery to ensure delivery of all required outcomes (PWS functional areas). 2. We monitor required service, performance standards, and AQL, documenting positive and negative performance in monthly COR and performance reports. 3. We capture all performance improvement and corrective actions in lessons learned documents (observations, issue reports, and solution reports) to identify potential problem areas and evolve the QCP over the life of the contract.
Continual Quality Improvement 1. Continual quality improvement occurs throughout the lifecycle of contract service delivery, capturing key risk elements and performance metrics throughout the life of each task order. 2. We capture performance standards and metrics and risk prevention and mitigation detail throughout project execution to ensure an optimal QCP.

IDA is strongly committed to submitting accurate Quality Control Reports (QCRs) on each project we undertake. We will deliver associated metrics to the KO/COR with the QCRs; the QCR and metrics submitted will include all PWS areas listed; it will be structured in a way that allows for trend analysis. If negative performance issues are identified, IDA will include a root-cause analysis and corrective action plan in the QCR. The QCRs will report all metrics contained in the PWS, using the surveillance methods approved by the government. To minimize the monitoring burden, our customers may use simplified surveillance techniques to evaluate our performance, including reports and customer feedback. The typical methods that our customers may use in monitoring our performance represent an objective and balanced approach to surveillance and include the following:

Additionally, IDA Technology uses training, training guides and operations manuals to ensure that our staff is properly trained and equipped to handle each project. The guides and manuals are updated following each project debriefing. When challenges arise, problems are thoroughly evaluated and procedures put in place to avoid recurrence. When procedures work well, the innovative approach or factors which led to that success are documented and implemented for future projects.

We hold regularly scheduled staff meetings and our task order members are expected to bring status reports to such meetings. Each status report is reviewed and discussed as a group. The project manager also prepares a project related reports for dissemination to project staff. These reports ensure the accurate transmittal of data or details from one staff member to another.

Task Orders

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